Meet & Greet: Carrie Seyer

Haaave you met Carrie...? We asked January's guest instructor, Carrie Seyer to fill out this fun, fill-in-the-blank exercise so that all of you can get to  know her better. 

She's a former athlete accustomed to high-intensity sports and exercise her whole life, never really picking up yoga until a skiing accident left her with a torn ACL. The mind-body connection, focus, strength and humility of yoga hooked her. She teaches with a heavy emphasis on linking breath to movement, core-strengthening, athletic-based sequencing and good tunes!

What are you waiting for, buy your tickets for Wednesday's January 25th event at Artists for Humanity benefiting College Bound Dorchester!


Loving // Teaching yoga independently full-time! I worked on the business side of yoga/health and wellness for years.  It was great and I absolutely love business, but it's been a nice change of pace to be able to focus on the creative process of putting together a class, the playlist, the theme and focus, etc.  Also, being free to work on independent projects and to work with more organizations, events, and people like PWP!

Reading // Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Watching // This is always a slightly embarrassing - I am SO out of touch with TV shows, etc.  I actually don't own a TV because it just collected dust in my old apartment! This is how bad I am- last week I was sick and asked a friend for movie suggestions...I watched Bridget Jones' Diary for the first time.  I'm talking the original one from the 90s- not either of the sequels.  I called my friend to tell her how hilarious the movie was, and she gently informed me of how pathetic I am.

Looking forward to //  Teaching with PWP next week! I'm also teaching a big class at the Paradise Rock Club on 1.28 that I'm getting stoked for :)

Feeling // Re-energized after a handful of days sick last week!

Writing //  Recipes! I love to cook-  it's a creative challenge for me to make recipes 'clean'- so I'm always experimenting and recording recipes, posting things on instagram, etc.  Yoga has kept me busy the last few weeks, but I'm hoping to make time for more creation in the next couple weeks.

Laughing at // Bridget Jones' Diary...still...

Listening to // Kool and the Gang radio station on Spotify- I love the funk :)

Planning // 'Yoga. Music. Good Vibes' event at the Paradise Rock Club 1.28!

Remembering // Usually not much, if we're being honest.

Enjoying // The  unseasonably warm winter we're having in Boston this year! I know...just wait...

Dreading //  Going to the grocery store today, mainly because I don't have much time to squeeze it in and I'm kind of hungry right now.

Wanting // Groceries to magically appear in my kitchen without going to the grocery store :)

Making // Recipes, yoga classes, playlists, projects, art, videos for some online content, a website, etc.- I LOVE to create!


Want more? Carrie will be taking over the @PilateswPurpose Instagram account on Friday. Check her out!